«The Harvest» Exhibition

Dates: September 9 – November 13 (Mon. - Sun. from 13:00 to 21:00)
Address: Usacheva str., 9

The exhibition project "Harvest" is not held by chance in the fall. The curators invited the authors to speculate on the philosophical topic of summing up, conditional "harvest".

At the same time, all participants of the project love and actively introduce a visual series related to vegetation into their works: in Evgenia Voynar's "Gardens" series, the theme of an abandoned garden sounds like a childhood memory, a person's connection with roots, Ilya Gaponov's "Tuscany" series refers us to the theme of withering and rebirth both in nature and in life. Nikita Makarov presented his anthropomorphic sculptures of mythical animals from the series “Mysterious Forest” in the project.

In the new project, Evgenia Voynar addresses the topic of her dreams, the unconscious, working through personal autobiographical stories of her childhood. Mythological fantasy plants appear on her large-scale canvases. These forests are inhabited by quite recognizable animals, as if from Russian folk tales. Somewhere among these forests wanders a girl who, by the power of imagination, brought to life all this exuberant flora. The project clearly contains a reference to Carroll's "Alice", which can become the key to the interpretation of images and our guide in the fantasy world of the artist.

Nikita Makarov's original ceramic objects, the fruit of the synthesis of mythical anthropomorphic and zoomorphic images from different cultures, enter into a dialogue with the symbolism of the animal world on Evgenia's canvases. His unique sculptural objects, each with its own character: fauns, magpies, foxes - inhabitants of that fantastic forest from Eugenia's canvases, existing meanwhile quite realistically in our collective unconscious.

Ilya Gaponov uses the theme of plants as some kind of symbols of nature, which prevails over civilization and eventually absorbs it along with all the achievements and failures.

In the project "Harvest" this idea sounds clearly, in the new works the naturalness and power of nature prevails over all the visible fruits of civilization, reminding us of the impermanence of everything that we now consider unshakable. At the same time, the process of birth of life, maturation and gradual withering makes it possible to distance oneself from external cataclysms, reminds that life goes on.

What awaits us as a civilization, what will we leave behind, is humanity able to find a way out of the civilizational impasse, or will nature eventually absorb all our material, cultural and humanistic achievements, leaving no trace? Who finally passes judgment on each new civilization, or does it reach a peak and go to its destruction in a natural way? The viewer can reflect on this before the series "Toscana" by Ilya Gaponov, which, despite the apparent obviousness of the images, raises these eternal questions before the viewer.