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About us
K35 Gallery appeared on the Moscow art scene in 2008. From the beginning its activity was aimed at expanding the borders of the Russian art market. Working with internationally acclaimed foreign artists, K35 has been purposefully introducing Russian viewers to contemporary art outside the country. At the same time the gallery actively cooperated with Russian and Western artists to promote young contemporary art.

K35 has held numerous exhibitions at various venues, participated in international art fairs, and collaborated with major museums in Russia (Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied Art, The State Historical Museum, Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Museum-estate Arkhangelskoe).

In 2020, thanks to the joint work of gallery directors Maria Saava and Svetlana Postovalova, K35 activity was transformed into a new project - K35 space. It is an organic development of the art gallery.t is aimed at developing new areas for the gallery: ART&Design and Education.
  • Art
    The main line of the gallery's work remains working with young and recognized Russian and foreign artists; organization exhibition projects and popularizing contemporary art. (Among the authors with whom the gallery works are Ilya Gaponov, Vladimir Matskevich, Gina Soden and others. )
  • ART&Design
    A new step in the positioning of the gallery is the activity aimed at the development of contemporary design in the Russian art market. "K35" collaborates with authors working in the fields of object design and author's interior objects, including paintings..
  • Education
    An important part of the work of K35 is the work in the field of educational projects on various topics: lectures, master classes, etc.
"We see how the lives of those who trusted us and became the owner of art are changing. It makes you rejoice, reflect, enjoy contemplation and possession. And this is part of our mission. Let art into your world!"
"One of our most important missions is to turn contemporary art into an integral part of everyone's life, to show how it can change not only the space around us, but also our perception of the world. Buying contemporary art is always a stage of our internal development."
Maria Saava
Svetlana Postovalova
Gallery director
Gallery director
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