Lecture "In search of style: transformation of the female image in the XX century"

What is the lecture about?
From decade to decade, we will put together a stunning puzzle of fashion trends where behind the transformations of silhouette and waist level, hats and handbags, hairstyles and makeup, there is more than just an invisible whiff of fashion, namely, a change in women's self-awareness, understanding of their role in society, finding new hopes and aspirations!

From the dictate of the corset to the approval of the pantsuit, from the Chanel reforms and the surreal Schiaparelli carnival to the sophistication of Dior and Balenciaga, from Dovima to Kate Moss, we will go all the way to becoming a female image in which everyone can find something incredibly personal and frank for themselves!

Andrey Dmitriev-Radvogin is a researcher of music and fashion, a graduate of MGIM.Schnittke, participant of many competitions and festivals in Russia, Monaco, Germany, Sweden, France, Luxembourg..
He acted as a guest expert on major TV channels and radio.