The exhibition "The Corporeal Man"

Dates: 10/06/2022 - 20/07/2022

Our body is often more honest than the psyche. It reacts faster to changes, through it we learn to become aware of ourselves again, to return to ourselves. The exhibition "The Corporeal Man" in the K35 gallery is an unbiased study of the themes of corporeality in art, as well as human ideas about oneself and others: from classical traditions to a modern look.

Interest in the topic of physicality constantly arises during the course of the development of the history of art. At the same time, the attitude towards it undergoes significant transformations with each new stage. There is a point of view that the most radical of them have occurred in the last 100 years. Humanity has come a long way - from the creation of primitive images of primitive sculptures to the perception of the body as an object for full-fledged sensory research.

The exposition of the exhibition "The Corporeal Man" offers to immerse yourself in the declared topic through the works of 7 contemporary authors working in different media.

The sculpture made of blown steel by the artist Vilgen Melnikov will invite the audience to reflections, during which everyone will be able to build their own associative series. Reclining, in a state of bliss and peace, the heavy figure of his "Grace" simultaneously refers to the forms of Paleolithic Venus, classical images of beautiful ladies and odalisques from the canvases of great masters (Titian, Ingres, Manet, etc.), and even draws parallels with the extremely realistic paintings of Lucien Freud. The ironic dialogue with the sculpture will be supported by Natalia Spechinskaya's vivid graphic works.

Alice Gorelova's monumental canvases suspended in the air will reveal the theme of physicality through dynamic compositions inspired by the mythical plots of titanomachy and bestiary. The young artist has been exploring the conventionality of the boundaries between man and the outside world for a long time, but for the first time introduces the motifs of the "Book of Fictional Creatures" by H.L. Borges into her works. Gorelova seems to snatch and manage to capture a moment of a desperate, uncompromising duel in which giant figures of half-humans and half-animals intertwined. Her works are a symbol of endless internal struggle, as well as observation of the shape and aesthetics of the body, unpredictably transforming on the canvas plane.

Part of the exhibition will be devoted to observing people on vacation: the beach or the resort. Artists Alexey Kokorin, Andrey Novikov and Tatiana Kondratenko will demonstrate scenes with vacationers by the water with accuracy and sincere interest. However, through the seeming ordinariness and irony of the presented plots, upon closer examination they acquire an unexpected reading, close to biblical stories. Spirituality appears in coarse matter under the gaze of artists.

The aesthetic component is an important part of the exposition. This is evidenced by the works of the artist Viktor Sergei, for whom the "Body" is an object of worship, proudly displayed to the world. His heroines are beautiful girls inspired by glossy photographs, flirting with the observer: they stare intently, then turn away from him.