New Year Art Market 2020

Dates: 15/12/2020 - 15/01/2021

The K35 space Gallery of Contemporary Art and Design presents the New Year's Art Market 2020. In a difficult period for the whole world, I so want peace and a real holiday. Numerous limitations and common hardships made it clear that it is especially important now to unite with relatives and tell them how much they are dear to us. The K35 space Gallery of Contemporary Art supports this line of thought and strives to help find the most extraordinary, interesting and beautiful gifts that can create a festive atmosphere and convey without words all the warmest feelings and emotions.

The New Year's Art Market brought together works by contemporary artists, designers, authors of stylish jewelry and accessories. Among the presented on
Russian Russian objects market should separately highlight the touching and tender series of paintings "Silence" by Ilya Gaponov; canvases with severe Russian bears absorbed in everyday problems by artists Anton and Alexey Tvorogov; a good winter series of graphics by Ivan Bykov; unusual wooden Christmas trees of the Belsi brand; avant-garde Christmas toys stylized under the folk Russian costume from the Kokoshnik series by Diana Wax; minimalistic and laconic sculptural candles Sphagnum; decorations in the form of colorful beetles and birds made of natural stones and beads of the brand Peresvetti; cups made of Dulevsky porcelain, wrapped in birch bark sheets with a New Year motif of running deer, from Beresta Project.

A separate and important part of the market was the zone of collaboration with the Moscow House of Books, which provided visitors to the gallery with a variety of entertainment, educational and collectible publications.