Russian Antique Salon. Booth D-17

Dates: 21/04/2021 - 25/04/2021

As part of the Antique Salon of 2021, the K35 space gallery presented the works of three authors – Ilya Gaponov, Natalia Spechinskaya and Claire Basler. Completely different original artists are united by a common idea – the elaboration and reinterpretation of the motives of classical art (Western and eastern) in the context of modernity.

In his works Ilya Gaponov refers to the tradition of depicting Dutch still lifes of the XVII century and canonical iconographic subjects of Orthodox culture. He exposes the problems and moral aspects of modern consumer society, permeating his paintings with symbolism and hidden motives. Turning to the subject of portraits in the works of old masters, Natalia Spechinskaya gives them a reading consonant with our time. Quoting in her paintings becomes a kind of act that reveals the connection and continuity of artistic processes beyond time. Immersing herself in Eastern philosophy, Claire Basler actualizes the classic theme of landscape for this culture in the eyes of the European viewer. The attractive, decorative, but concise language of her paintings demonstrates the power of pictorial metaphorism, delving into the metaphysical aspects of the existence of our world.  

The partner who decorated the stand of our gallery with his design works has already become a well-known Russian furniture brand - Unika Moblar @unikamoblar. The laconic forms of their works combine style and functionality. The brand's philosophy is based on the standards of Scandinavian design, rational approach, naturalness and openness.

Photo: Dmitry Chuntul.