Exhibition "Give Kuzbass!" at the State Tretyakov Gallery

"Give Kuzbass!" is the name of a grandiose exhibition project presented by the State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val this spring.

Its bright part was the work of the artist of our gallery, Ilya Gaponov, for whom this exhibition is not just an outstanding event, but also a kind of return to the roots. A native of Kemerovo, Gaponov is especially known in the art world for his industrial series. Through them, he reflects on the visual experience that shaped him.

"The exhibition, dedicated to the anniversary of one of the main industrial centers of Russia, presents an unexpected cross—section of fine art of the XX - early XXI century.

The most important significance of the project is that it demonstrates the continuity of the tradition of addressing industrial themes in the domestic visual arts and rethinking it in the work of young contemporary artists."

For Gaponov, this project was also important because one of his works presented at the exhibition was included in the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Photo: Yaroslav Chinagev  © IA REGNUM