COSMOSCOW 2021. Stand - 10

Dates: 18/09/2021 - 20/09/2021

This year, the stand of the K35 Space gallery presents the works of the St. Petersburg Art School: Oleg Maslov, Natalia Spechinskaya and Ilya Gaponov. 

Oleg Maslov is a cult figure for the St. Petersburg art scene. The artist is a rebel, systematically reflecting in his work the atmosphere and nature of artistic life in the city on the Neva. In different periods, an associate of Timur Novikov, Alexey Kozin, Sergey Kuryokhin, etc. We can say that Maslov's creative path began with the breaking of patterns. Acquaintance with nonconformist artists, which occurred when Maslov entered the university in Leningrad, determined his future. Having abandoned the idea of getting an academic education, the artist came to the path of independent comprehension of painting. During his work, Maslov went through different stages: from neo-expressionistic in the framework of the New Wild group, neo-academic, becoming a professor at the New Academy of Fine Arts, to stylistically close to pop art.Maslov's work reflects the wanderings and searches of underground artists of the 80s-90s, who are freed from dogmas and imposed requirements for the visual and conceptual component of art. Saturated with hopes and artistic freedom, Maslov's works reflect the desire of a person during perestroika to self-reflection and independent comprehension of the surrounding world. The hedonistic intonations of his work do not lose their relevance today, and the mastery of execution, a rich biography and a significant place in the history of art make Maslov's works attractive, including from an investment point of view. Maslov's works, written in a neo-academic key, will be presented at the gallery's stand.

Ilya Gaponov and Natalia Spechinskaya are the authors of a new generation, members of the creative association "Unconquered", created by Ilya Gaponov together with Ivan Ivy and Anastasia Shavlokhova. The studio "Unconquered" appeared in St. Petersburg in 2007 in the context of the need to defuse the St. Petersburg art scene by young authors. At that time, the dominant position was occupied by the older generation of masters, who lived with memories of the "outstanding era of neo-academism of Timur Novikov" and Oleg Maslov.

Ilya Gaponov and Natalia Spechinskaya are young, immensely talented, bright and original authors. In their work, they reflect the new attitude of artists to the world around them. Without opposing themselves to the general artistic process, Gaponov and Spechinskaya are looking for their place in it, emphasizing the power of the classical pictorial language from the very beginning.

Ilya Gaponov is a fairly well-known artist today, a native of the Kemerovo region. He was educated at the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting (master O.I.Kuznetsova) in the St. Petersburg State Art and Industrial Academy named after V.Mukhina, in the St. Petersburg Foundation of Culture and Art "Institute of PRO ART", as well as in the National School of Fine Arts in Paris.Especially famous are his works created using Kuzbasslak (bitumen varnish), dedicated to Industrial and Mining topics. (Which he started doing together with Kirill Koteshov.) One of them this spring entered the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Gaponov's ambition, talent and sincerity are his driving force, thanks to which the artist goes beyond the Russian art market, and the cost of his works increases in price every year. The gallery's stand will feature paintings by the artist from the series "Silence" and "Industrial Forest".

Natalia Spechinskaya is an artist from Leningrad (St. Petersburg) creative family. (Her great-grandfathers were Vsevolod Vishnevski, a "man–writer–citizen" and composer Sigmund Katz). This fact, as well as natural talent, determined Natalia's professional development path in the field of art in her early years. She studied at the  Academy (Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. E. Repin), as well as the  RSPU named after Herzen in the class of   painting. In St. Petersburg, Spechinskaya is known as a subtle colorist. As if contrasting herself with the often gloomy atmosphere of her hometown, she chooses color as the basis of her artistic language. The deep themes raised by the author in his works are necessarily played out with bright colorful combinations. As part of Cosmoscow, works from the "Integration" series will be presented at our stand, in which she reflects on the topic of continuity of communication and continuity of artistic processes. Natalia's paintings and graphics should also be considered from the point of view of investment potential, because her works are just beginning to open up to the general public. 

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