Exhibition «Marfa?»

Dates: June 14 - July 2 (daily from 11:00 to 21:00)
Address: 9, Usacheva St.

By addressing the theme of corporeality and surreal anthropomorphic images, the author declares about herself: "Here I am, I am". Martha builds a dialogue with the world around her through a series of vivid, sometimes frightening characters and plots. At the same time each of the heroes of her artistic universe is endowed with its own individuality and emotionality.

The artist herself says about her work: "I create distorted mirrors of reality, which, reflecting back to the audience, show their features that are carefully hidden. Marfa leads her authentic narrative with bright contrasting colors and stylistic references to pop-art and street-art aesthetics.

For the duration of the project the gallery interior will be transformed into a space revealing the author's inner world. The dreamcore and anime aesthetics influencing Marfa's work is directly reflected in the design of the exhibition. The main colors of the works - bright pink and contrasting blue, will be repeated in the gallery space through the elements of street art on the walls, bright neon signs and colored spotlights.

Graphics will occupy a special place in the project. The images from the graphic worksheets will form the basis of the exposition's media-zone: cartoons made on the basis of the artist's drawings will be reproduced on screen.

Hypersensitivity, inherent to all creative people, affects Marfa's work as well. In her works there is a sense of anxiety, but at the same time the challenge inherent in young people - it is better to cause a negative reaction than none at all. In them the artist also emphasizes the fragility and vulnerability of life itself. The characters, painted with thin, graphic lines, are transparent, as if they do not belong to this world - touch and tear through the delicate shell that supports their existence.

Creativity is one of the ways for the artist to fight her own inner destructiveness - the symptoms of borderline personality disorder. Sensitivity and its inherent manifestations are reflected in her works. Thus the appearance of a gaping hole in the chest of her characters is a symbol of the feeling of inner emptiness haunting the author. Sometimes she pours the images of her nightmares onto the canvas, thus freeing herself from them.

Not everyone finds the characters on the artist's canvases attractive, but she herself is sure that the heroes of her works are very nice, each in his own way, because everyone has the right to recognition, everyone can declare to the world: "I am, I exist, the way I am, I am part of this world".