Exhibition "Cultural Layer" at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture

Date: 05/08/2022 - 20/09/2022
Address: Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Vozdvizhenka Street, 5/25

On August 5, Schusev State Museum of Architecture together with the K35 Gallery will open a personal project of the artist Andrey Novikov together with the author of glass installations Sergey Kolosov.

The authors develop the theme of the search for new themes and forms in contemporary art, the crisis of modern civilization and new heroes.

The subjects of Andrei Novikov's paintings are dramatic, but at the same time full of irony. With the help of realistic painting techniques, the author explores the global problems of modern society.

Sergey Kolosov's sculpture of broken glass "The Future is beautiful", refers viewers to the themes of the universe and the cosmos.

"There is a desire for more in a person, and the context of time does not set this... I want new guidelines, goals, ideals" — it is on this idea that the emphasis is placed in the new works of the artist. One of the most important topics for Andrey Novikov is the feeling of loneliness, loss, the desire to find ideals that unite society, goals, new heroes. "The longing for great achievements in all areas of human activity is in the air."

Working in a realistic manner, the author loads the plots of his works with philosophical meaning, exploring the themes of the impermanence of modern civilization, longing for new Titans.

In his new series "The Cultural Layer", the author places some conventional characters against the backdrop of crumbling architecture, which acts here as an image of the old world "with a heap of problems, archaic attitudes." Against the background of often dilapidated buildings, we see either bright glowing figures of people, as if taken out of the context set by the background, or images of soft toys animated by the author.

The "flickering" images in Andrey's works, their ambiguity, leave the audience the right to many interpretations. The author deliberately enlarges the figures of the characters, endowing them with the properties of either Superheroes from the Marvel universe, or New People capable of overcoming the laws of physics. The author also intentionally introduces toy characters into the series, it is interesting for him to follow the unconscious desire of the viewer to animate them, to endow them with character.

Critics have long noted the cinematography of Novikov's works. This is especially evident in the cycle "Cultural layer" - the characters are deliberately placed in the scenery of destroyed buildings, acting as a bright coloristic accent against the background of gray almost monochrome architecture.
We understand that the author recognizes all the romanticism and utopian longing for a Superman who must save our world collapsing before our eyes. Hence the obvious irony that sounds in his works, references to images of mass culture. At the same time, the expectation of new ideas, a new world, purification has long been heard in the cultural and civilizational context.

Sergei Kolosov's large-scale installation "The Future is Beautiful", created specifically for the Ruins space, continues the theme of entropy and chaos, bringing it to the cosmic level. The fragments collected in dynamic forms symbolize the imprinted result of the release of energy, which does not lend itself to any regulation. Chaotic forms assembled from glass, like fractals with the property of self-similarity, are reunited with each other. Unpredictably uniting, they turn into a source of unbridled dynamics, creating a new world order.