Blazar 2022. Stand 16

Dates: 14/09/2022 - 18/09/2022
Artists: Evgenia Voynar, Sergey Kolosov, Viktor Sergey and Alexey Kokorin

In 2022, at the Blazar Young Contemporary Art Fair, our gallery presented works by artists from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Minsk. In their works, authors working in different media observe people, explore the aesthetics of the surrounding world and try to find answers to serious ideological questions. The exhibition featured paintings and graphic works, photographs and objects made of glass.

Moscow artist Evgenia Voynar transforms the reality of death and opposition to it into art in her work. She studies the theme of heritage and the search for eternity, observing the aesthetics of withering plants and objects.

Sculptures from the series "Half-life" by St. Petersburg artist Sergei Kolosov refer to the themes of the universe and the cosmos. They symbolize the imprinted result of the release of energy, not amenable to any regulation. They also tell about the fragility of human life and the surrounding world, in which sooner or later we leave our cocoon and go to explore the unknown.

A series of photographs of "Homo" by artist Alexey Kokorin was presented at the stand.
It is dedicated to the author's observation of people on vacation. With the seeming ordinariness of the plot, with a detailed examination, the works acquire an unexpected reading. The photos were taken at the hot springs in early January 2022 during the author's trip to Abkhazia. It is especially interesting to observe the people in the pictures who look absolutely relaxed, in harmony with themselves and the world around them, and in some photos they seem to be floating in the air at all.

Victor Sergey addresses the topic of physicality in art. His heroines are beautiful girls, whose images resemble glossy photographs, flirt with the observer: they stare intently, then turn away from him. Some works are inspired by frames of famous films and film photographs. They attract the eye and offer the viewer to enjoy the aesthetics and accuracy of the transmission of details.