Exhibition «vis-à-vis»

Date: 23/05/2023 - 04/06/2023
Address: MMOMA, Petrovka, 25

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, together with the Friends Charitable Foundation, presents the vis-à-vis (*face to face) exhibition dedicated to the foundation's 8th anniversary. The halls of the museum will feature works by artists of different generations and trends, which will be provided from personal collections by friends of the foundation: Maria Saava and Svetlana Postovalova, Lena Feigin and Yan Yanovsky, Lilia Limiyan and Gor Nakhapetyan, Oksana and Dmitry Razumova, Marina and Alexander Rappoport, Ksenia Sobchak , Alena Doletskaya, Inna Bazhenova, Alexandra Lekomtseva, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Irina Volskaya, and many others.

Art has an incredible creative power that illuminates people's lives at various moments. That is why, on its birthday, the Friends Foundation decided to turn to art.

The exhibition, curated by Alina Pinsky Gallery (Alina Pinsky Gallery), will allow you to get acquainted with selected works by such authors as Andrey Novikov, Andrey Pozdeev, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Tim Parshchikov, Evgeny Muzalevsky, Natalia Turnova, Andrey Bartenev, Maria Safronova, Natta Konysheva, Igor Samolet, David Ter-Oganyan, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe and Valery Katsuba and many others. Despite the obvious difference in genres, styles and techniques, each work is one way or another about “peeping” into oneself, about searching for answers and exploring meanings.

The exhibition continues a series of special projects in support of charitable programs, which have been successfully held by MMOMA for several years now, and will end with an auction where the works that took part in the exhibition will be presented as lots, and the proceeds will be used to develop the programs of the Friends Foundation.

About the Friends Foundation:

Friends is a foundation that develops charity in Russia, making it more modern, efficient and systemic. He helps other funds become more sustainable. To do this, Friends brings together different worlds: business, media, philanthropy, art and culture to use the best practices to solve pressing social problems.

The Friends Foundation is developing two main programs: the ProCharity intellectual volunteering platform and the Moscow School of Professional Philanthropy. Both serve to strengthen philanthropy as an industry in Russia and help leaders of social change and foundation staff find a foothold in difficult times.