Exhibition "Soft and not so"

Dates: February 12, 2022 — March 10, 2022
Address: Seasons Shopping Gallery, 1st floor (Okhotny Ryad, 2)

Andrey Novikov's personal exhibition "Soft and Not so Soft" will include about 20 paintings dedicated to the artist's reflections on the topic of human formation. She will touch upon the issues of childhood, hopes and their transformations in the process of growing up. The exhibition will combine several series of works that the author has been working on for the last few years. 

Childhood, as the basis for the formation of personality, will be the starting point of the exhibition. Works with carefree boys and girls playing will be replaced by paintings, the main characters of which will be unexpected characters, old friends forgotten by us - plush toys from distant childhood. However, in Novikov's paintings, their sweet and soft appearance fades into the background. Here all the bears and bunnies become full participants in the adult world, continuing to play an independent game: they sit at business conferences, investigate crimes or explore unexplored cosmic depths. They are a reflection of us. Novikov builds a situation in which every adult can give free rein to his inner child. The author suggests discarding ideas about the “frivolity” of children's themes and toys and trying to look at yourself from the outside through them, leaving the viewer the opportunity for many interpretations.