The exhibition "Integration" at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture

Date: 05/08/2022 - 20/09/2022
Address: A.V. Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Vozdvizhenka Street, 5/25

On August 5, Schusev State Museum of Architecture together with the K35 Gallery, will open the first solo exhibition in Moscow by artist Natalia Spechinskaya "Integration". The exhibition will present a number of paintings, graphic works, as well as installations that she has created over the past few years. The basis for the project was the author's reflections on the continuity of artistic processes in art. In her works, Spechinskaya boldly mixes classical plots with modern motifs, playing it with bright color and complex, multi-part technique.

The exhibition, which opens on August 5 on the 1st floor of the Ruina wing space, thanks to the joint activities of the Schusev State Museum of Architecture and the K35 Gallery of Modern Art, demonstrates the logical outcome of the fruitful work of the St. Petersburg artist Natalia Spechinskaya, for whom the theme of "Integration" remained one of the main ones for several years.

No matter how shocking and diverse contemporary art may be, it nevertheless grew out of the experience of previous generations of masters. The project "Integration" by Natalia Spechinskaya is dedicated to the theme of the unbreakable connection of modern and classical art. Combining various subjects and techniques on canvas and paper (oil, acrylic, silkscreen), and sometimes even going beyond the plane of the canvas, the author reveals the continuity of artistic processes beyond time.

In the works of this series, Natalia refers to the works of old Italian masters, fragmentally quoting them and adding a conceptually new reading to them. The visual and historical focus is constantly shifting. For example, in the painting "Orange Grove", an easily readable swimmer in a swimsuit with the logo of a famous sports brand suddenly turns out to be a "Neopolitan princess" captured by the sculptor Francesco Laurana in the XV century. The image of this mysterious girl wanders in the project from work to work, undergoing plot metamorphoses. Then she becomes a heroine baking a goose; then it is replicated and transformed into slender rows of bathers in swimming caps on a background of turquoise tiles.
An important part of the exhibition was the installation "Pool", where the main character of the narrative of the exhibition - an unknown "Neopolitan Princess" goes into three-dimensional space, as if about to make a swim. The constantly occurring scenes of "bathing" are directly related to the tuning fork of the entire project. The source of their origin lies in the personal, touching experience of the author. For the first time this topic appeared after Natalia found out that in her childhood apartment on Tchaikovsky Street in St. Petersburg, after renovation, the new owners placed a real swimming pool. This bizarre integration of the element of a comfortable life has become a bright coloristic leitmotif of the project and its important symbol.

In part of the works, the connection of the times is emphasized by a somewhat grotesque technique: old museum gilded frames found by Spechinskaya at flea markets are used in their framing. This stylistic contrast gives the bright pixel-split images on canvases even more charm.
The witty "classic game" of the whole Integration project organically interacts with the Ruins space, which, as a result of its restoration, has also become an architectural metaphor that exists in different eras at the same time.
Integration is Natalia Spechinskaya's first solo exhibition in Moscow, which will present more than 20 paintings, an installation, as well as original objects made of plaster.