Exhibition «Simple things»

Date: 27/07/2022 - 28/08/2022
Address: Usacheva, 9

One of the ways to deal with states of anxiety and anxiety is called concentration on familiar, everyday things that make up our life. Such a game with the brain helps to distract from the manic desire to endlessly follow the news agenda, drowning in fear and rejection. That is why the focus of the new exhibition "Simple Things" at the K35 Gallery of Modern Art turns out to be everyday reality, the motives of which are familiar to every viewer. The exhibition will present the works of artists who, in their work, turn to images and plots inspired by a simple, intimate, personal life.

The theme of the exhibition will be revealed in two directions. One of them will be devoted to the works of authors working in the field of pictorial - spatial experiments. Among them is a young, but already self-proclaimed artist from Kazakhstan, Sayan Baigaliyev, who shares with the audience observations made in his own kitchen. He explores the possibilities of going beyond the boundaries of the two-dimensional world, working with classical materials - canvas and oil. The given line will continue in the paintings from the series "My Rooms", dedicated to the ethics and aesthetics of clean space, by the artist from Krasnodar, Katya Tsareva. Alexandra Kokacheva, a young author from St. Petersburg, develops the topic, already going beyond the private, turning to public sports grounds, absorbed in her canvases by the elemental forces of nature.

The second direction of the exposition leads away towards plots with a variety of everyday scenes. Artists Evgenia Voynar and Vadim Leukhin in their paintings turn to their own memories, noting the value and touching of individual events that could have gone unnoticed in a rapidly changing world. Watercolor works by a young author from Yekaterinburg, Nina Antropova, will demonstrate the result of her accurate and ironic observation of everyday life. Varvara Yakovleva, a Moscow-based cartoonist, will present her illustrations dedicated to the topic of difficulties faced by residents of the metropolis. Witty faience panels from the series "School of Life" by the St. Petersburg author, Vera Petrovskaya, will ask uncomfortable questions, forcing the viewer to reflect on a variety of topics.

The exhibition "Simple Things" in the K35 gallery will last until August 28. The exposition aims to identify motives that can become points of contact for completely different people, and help to remember for a while the value of a simple life as such.

Curator - Alexandra Gurvich