Exhibition «What is open to babies?»

Dates: December 7 - December 20, 2022
Address: Cube. Moscow, Tverskaya str. 3, -2 floor

In the space of the Cube art platform.Moscow presents an immersive project "What is open to babies?" — an unusual journey of an adult into the long-forgotten world of childhood. Now we all want to find a source of peace and joy, to trust this complex and unpredictable world again. Each of the works of young artists contains answers to the question "How can I be happy again?" originally from childhood.

The artists of the "Blue Rose" and the poets of the Silver Age in difficult times turned to the theme of childhood and looked for saving landmarks in these images. Childhood is a special period when we live every day in love and trust in the world. But why, growing up, having made a mistake only once, do we lose hope and trust in the world? Everyone who has ever wanted to feel lightness and spontaneity again — long-forgotten feelings - is looking for answers to these questions.

The theme of childhood sounds loudest in difficult times. Artists and poets are sensitive to the universal desire to hide behind love and protection, to find support. Real creativity is the liberation of a disappeared child in himself, who was not afraid of this world and the unknown.

Velimir Khlebnikov's poems and works by contemporary artists will be the starting point for you on an unusual journey to the origins of your childhood. Deep down, we remain the same as we were before, only our attitude to our own feelings changes.
Immersive project "What is open to babies?" — the opportunity to give an outlet to your inner child and explore the world with the same curiosity with which we did it in childhood.