Exhibition "Dreams of milk. Semiotic studies for the film adaptation of the novel "Mythogenic love of castes"

Date: 30/04/2022 - 26/06/2022

What the exhibition is about:
"Dreams of milk" is the first attempt at a "spatial adaptation" of the novel "Mythogenic Love of castes". The pilot series of this epic is presented in the form of an exhibition, and the viewer is invited to meet the exposition as a film. Works of art act as movie decorations or installation sheets.
Most of the works presented in the exhibition "Dreams of Milk" were created by artists specifically for the exhibition at the request of Pavel Pepperstein.Each work snatches a separate plot or character from the rich universe of the novel, places it in a new semantic context. So, the viewer is not just immersed in the world of the book, but also begins to look at post-Soviet culture from the point of view of its enthusiastic creators. Vivid imagery, plot twists and grotesque symbolism open up a grandiose space for artists working in different mediums and styles.

Exhibition participants: 
Ilya Gaponov, Sergey Anufriev, Andrey Bartenev, Alexey Bevza, Sergey Bugaev-Africa, Alexander Vinogradov, Rinat Voligamsi, Kirill Gatavan, Elena Elagina and Igor Makarevich, Egor Koshelev, Mikhail A Krest, Yaroslav Ksenofontov, Dasha Kuznetsova, Evgeny Mitta, Alexander Mareev, Nikolay Panitkov, Pavel Pepperstein, Vova Perkin, Viktor Pivovarov, Dasha Pravda, Gennady Pylin, art group "PPSS", Ivan Razumov, art group "Russia", Leonid Rotar, Vladimir Sorokin, German Titov, Andrey Filippov, Sasha Frolova, Ilgizar Khasanov, Fedor Hiroshige, Dmitry Shabalin, Polina Shkapina, Elena Shmakova.