The exhibition "Gardens of Arts. Metamorphoses"

Dates: 24/07/2022 - 06/11/2022

The exhibition "Gardens of Arts. Metamorphoses", prepared for the opening of Botanical Greenhouses, is a homage to the rich historical past of this place, and at the same time a look from today to the future.

Different time lines are intertwined in the project, and museum artifacts look through paintings, graphics, sculpture and objects by contemporary authors, including the works of Ilya Gaponov from the new series "Tuscany". Temporary metamorphoses give birth to new optics, in which Antonio Canova's marble from the Yusupov collection appears, and watercolors, as if they came out of the botanical atlas of the princely library, heraldic symbols and a memorial column similar to those that were installed in the park after the visits of the emperors.

Traditional plots acquire new semantic layers and associative connections, the familiar fountains and alleys change shape, the curiosities with which Yusupov surrounded himself are transformed into kinetic objects. The light, light-filled architecture of the manor greenhouses also refers us to the first pavilions of the world exhibitions, which served at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries to demonstrate advanced achievements. Art seems to connect nature and technology, connects the XIX century with the XXI century, entwining the past and present of the Arkhangelsk estate.

The exhibition presents installations, art objects, paintings and graphics by famous contemporary artists. Visitors will hear a sound installation by a young and bright Moscow composer with an academic background, Andrey Besogonov, who uses new media in his work. And they will also "feel" the "Gardens of Arts" thanks to the fragrance design of the perfume brand Ucandles by Gor Maison, whose philosophy is based on the desire for environmental sustainability and the search for harmony between nature and man.