Exhibition «Fog»

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Dates:April 20 - June 11 (Tuesday - Sunday, from 13:00 to 21:00)
Address: st. Usacheva, 9 

"The most difficult topics to comprehend are abstract," says the artist Andrey Novikov. In his new project "Fog"* he asks questions: "Is time a relative or absolute quantity? Is consciousness a derivative of reality? Or maybe, on the contrary, the surrounding world turns out to be a product of our consciousness?".

The name "Fog" (from English – "Fog") it refers to the ephemerality and immateriality of the concept of "time", which is the main character here. This is also emphasized by the plot and the modest color scheme of all the works. The image of time on Novikov's canvases is conveyed through natural motifs: swamps, mudflats, the wilds of the forest, which, at first glance, dissolve all traces of human activity. It seems that it is total and all-consuming, it wipes out a lot of events from the face of the earth, absorbs entire civilizations.

Can anything resist this power? Hypertrophied monuments, fragments of the ancient past, appearing in the works of the "Fog" series* in the middle of fields and thickets, are designed to give an answer. Colossal and majestic sculptures, resisting all physical laws, rise like silent beacons above the wildness and wildness of nature. But they didn't come out of the void. They were created by human hands and occupied an important place in cultural memory. They illustrate the power of thought, great ideas and art, which, according to the author, are able to subdue the inexorable passage of time.

Each epoch leaves behind a silent witness – an idea expressed by works of art. They become milestones, symbols of time, reference points and landmarks for humanity in a changing world. History, its significance and role are the motivational core of the entire project.

It is difficult to assess the scale and true value of the phenomena taking place, being in the epicenter of events. Distance is necessary for comprehension. So on the canvases of Andrei Novikov, antique statues are always in the distance, they rise above the landscape, giving hope that the power of spirit and thought is able to cancel the fatality of time, history and the laws of nature.

The exhibition will present both paintings and graphic works created in mixed media with the addition of unexpected material - Istanbul land. This becomes an important conceptual point, emphasizing the general idea. After all, it was this city that at one time became one of the centers of the development of the ancient tradition, and at the next stage of the historical process acquired the role of the capital of Byzantium.