Exhibition "You — I thought — the Garden of Eden"

Dates: 15/04/2022 - 20/05/2022
Address: Usacheva str., 9.Magnum Club House

The first event that opens a new space, the K35 Gallery of Modern Art, is an exhibition with a poetic title borrowed from a poem by V.V. Mayakovsky[1]"You – I thought – the Garden of Eden". It becomes the mainstay for the idea of the whole project, which invites the viewer to reflect on large-scale shifts in the world, about the point of no return to the "past" life and about entering a new unknown reality.

Turning to the biblical texts, the curators draw parallels with today, asking the question: "Who and when tasted the same fruit from the tree of knowledge and now threw it to rot?". The comparison of reality with the Old Testament history, despite its obviousness, turns out to be accurate, vivid and at the same time - a hopeful move. After all, even after the most acute shocks, the world tends to revive and transform. Life, with its joys and sorrows, beauty and unsightliness, invariably turns out to be stronger every time than any seemingly irreparable civilizational catastrophe.

The exhibition will bring together more than 20 paintings, graphic and sculptural works created specifically for the exhibition by four artists from St. Petersburg. Among them are Sergey Kolosov's glass objects, revealing the theme of the elemental foundations of the universe. Rich and cheerful canvases by the famous hedonist artist Oleg Maslov. In contrast, there are brutal landscapes painted with bitumen by the master of the industrial genre, Ilya Gaponov. As well as the works of Natalia Spechinskaya, combining classical motifs with surreal images.

[1] Mayakovsky V.V. "Spain" ("You — I thought — the Garden of Eden..."), 1925.